Wind Energy

Disadvantages of Wind Power

Disadvantages of Wind Power

We know wind power is a valuable renewable energy source. However, while there are many advantages of using wind power as a renewable energy source, there are also a few disadvantages of using wind power. Chiefly, wind dependency and sound pollution are the fundamental disadvantages of wind energy.

Other than the wind dependency, disadvantages of wind energy are safety, high cost, and visual pollution. Some experts say that using wind turbines may affect the wildfire and nature adversely, but it is a controversial topic. Moreover, we can avoid these issues as long as we take some precautions.

Wind Dependency & Uncertainty

As you can guess, unlike the weather forecast, guessing the wind is quite unclear. Some days will be windy, and some days will not. Most of the time, wind turbines work on 30% load. Which means they need more wind velocity to work effectively. Also, some adverse weather conditions can reduce energy output. You might even wind up without power, or you might need an electric company to compensate for those adverse weather conditions.

To sum up, the wind is unpredictable, and wind energy is changeable. Because of that, wind energy may not be suitable for a base-load energy source.


Inclement weather conditions or rough winds may cause damage to the wind turbine, particularly to the blades. A broken or malfunctioned blade of a wind turbine can risk the people that living or working nearby. These blades or even wind turbine may fall on the people nearby and cause damage to them, even loss of lives may occur.

The vitiated weather conditions are not the only factor that creates a security risk, for example, an earthquake can also occur, and the consequence of it can be devastating.


High Cost


Setting up a wind turbine is expensive. To be able to produce energy from wind, a wind turbine is not the only component you need. You also need other supplies. When we gather them up, the total cost of producing energy from wind is costly. Based on where you live, you may also have difficulty in finding providers to buy these wind power components.

However, wind energy is a good investment. Because, once you install the wind turbines, you produce free energy. Of course, there will be particular maintenance costs, but the amount of energy produced is sufficient to pay off these costs. The period of return of the investment varies according to the annual wind data of the region where the wind turbines located. In general, the back of the investment in wind turbines varies between 5.5 and seven years.


Noise and Visual Pollution of Wind Turbines


The noise problem of wind turbines is a severe setback for wind energy. The wind energy sector worldwide requires the wind turbines to be built as close as possible to people’s homes, for the sake of profit. They do it by ignoring the knowledge of sleep disturbance and severe health problems directly caused by the pulsed wave-wave and low-frequency noise generated by the wind turbines. For detailed information, you can check up on Wind Turbine Syndrome.

However, thanks to the latest developments in technology, a modern wind turbine now emits no more noise than a refrigerator, at a distance of 300 meters. So that the sound of the wind blowing in the quiet countryside is generally higher than the sound of turbines. Nevertheless, wind turbines should be installed far enough away from nearby settlements to prevent potential disturbances. Moreover, in Spain, the engineers are working to reduce the noise of the wind turbines by adding some sound absorbed to the wind blades. This sound absorber has a jagged and exclusive design.

As for the visual pollution, because the wind turbines are enormous, they can cause visual pollution. But it is not a serious problem if we compare to the noise pollution.


Consequently, there are some critical disadvantages of wind energy. However, we can solve these problems by thoroughly working on them. Thanks to the latest technological development, the noise problem of the wind turbines is dying away day by day. With critical thinking and in-depth analysis, we can find solutions for the disadvantages of wind energy, and these disadvantages can disappear.


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