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there are many wind turbines laned the valley.

Just like any other electronic device or gear, wind turbines and usage of wind energy have also changed throughout centuries.

According to our current knowledge, the origin of wind energy and wind turbines stem from windmills. And Persians, the ancestors of Iranian, have generated the first windmill. They invented windmills around the 7th century AD.


The earliest usage of wind power are windmills and sailing ships. In sailing ships, the kinetic energy of the wind was used to move ships, and in mills, it was used to grind grains, such as wheat. People have used the power of the wind for 5500 years to move and sail ships. The emergence of the windmill was much later.

For the first time, the Greek engineer Heron described and depicted the use of wind energy in the early 1st century AD. Later, people from Iran have developed this system, where windmills came in sight.

Initially, people used windmills to pump water or grind grains. Towards the end of the 12th century, European countries started to use mills. At first, the blades of windmills were horizontal.

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom have adjusted the blades of the windmills vertically. In 1745, British engineer Edmund Lee devised a tail fan to turn the windmill face in the direction of the wind.


Wind energy is motion energy.


Wind energy is the motion energy of the airflow created by the wind. We can convert some of this energy into a mechanical or electrical one. In our age, we use the windmills, which we refer them wind turbines now, to convert wind energy to electrical energy.

In 1887 and 1888, US inventor Charles Francis Brush invented the first wind turbine that generates electricity. The first wind turbines had 17 meters diameter wings on an iron tower. We can say that it was quite large turbines despite the technical difficulties of that time.

In 1899, the Danish inventor Poul la Cour developed and upgraded the Brush’s wind turbine design, using curved wind blades. This wind blade modification has increased the wind turbine energy efficiency. Thanks to Poul la Cour, Denmark produces 3% of its total energy needs using wind energy in 1918.

On the dates of 1930, some small wind machines were developed and designed to charge the batteries. This development was a small but considerable step for the development of wind energy.

In 1979, the modern wind power industry began, thanks to the construction of numerous wind turbines in Denmark. The Danish Kuriant, Vestas, Nordtank, and Bonus companies produced wind turbines in multiple productions. These were smaller than today’s standards, and the capacity of almost all of them was 20-30 kW. Afterwards, developers increased the wind turbines capacity to 7 MW and exported many countries.


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Wind Energy, At The Present Time and In The Future


Furthermore, in the 2000s, wind power has become the fastest growing renewable energy technology in the world. Nowadays, the power of a single wind turbine has increased enough to be displayed in megawatts and continues to grow. Currently, we are using 7-10 MW wind turbines, which is incredibly powerful.

These values will inevitably increase soon, thanks to the studies carried out in the structure and mechanical part of the wind turbines. The Aerogenerator X turbine, which stands out with its high power as well as its design, is an example of the new generation high power turbine.

Finally, as you can see, the future of wind energy can be considered as bright. In a way, maybe, these wind energy developments are just a baby step of a growing industry, which makes it valuable in terms of investing.


Is Wind Energy Renewable? What is the Source of Wind Energy?


Wind energy is a renewable energy source which uses air circulation. Moreover, the source of wind energy fundamentally comes from the sun because it heats the earth’s surface, and the planet heats the air above it. This process causes winds, and we use this energy in a renewable way because it comes from the sun, an indefinite source of energy.

This amount makes wind energy renewable, and the primary source of wind energy is the sun. Also, wind energy is abundant because wind energy comes from the sun.


What is nonrenewable energy?


So, what is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy? Even though these terms are self-explanatory, it may be sometimes confusing. Nonrenewable energy sources are all fossil fuels because we will use them up very soon, and this is the elephant in the room. As for the renewable ones, however, they are almost impossible to use up and save our future generations by protecting our environment.


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