Wind Energy

17 Wind Energy Facts – How Does a Wind Turbine Generate Electricity

Wind Energy Facts


there are many wind power for generating electricity

As you know, wind energy or power is a renewable energy using the wind. The potential wind energy is converted to kinetic wind power. Here, aim is to generate electricity thanks to windmills, wind turbines and wind pumps. Therefore, many developed countries and corporate energy grid firms generally use the wind power for generating electricity energy. Besides, there are many benefits of wind energy.

The renewable energy source is used commonly because wind power is clear and no harmful energy type against to nature. Then, let’s see wind energy facts.

11 Pros and Cons of Wind Power

Wind Energy Facts


  1. A technological wind turbine could power up to village with 500-700 homes.
  2. Wind power absolutely doesn’t harm to environment.
  3. Wind energy & power is clear renewable energy type
  4. As a general, EU countries aim to utilize wind energy. Because climate condition is more suitable according to other continental countries.
  5. There are many special winds in Europe such as Sirocco, Khamsin and Foehn.
  6. Wind energy doesn’t need to water supply. For wind energy, wind is only essential production item.
  7. Wind energy is costly. Therefore, the renewable energy source isn’t used much like solar energy, biomass energy, and geothermal energy.
  8. According to locations, wind energy is constant energy. So, people prefer to more favourable locations.
  9. Wind turbines known as wind farms.
  10. Most popular wind turbines in the world; Walney 659 MW – London Array 630 MW – Gemini Wind Farm 600 – Greater Gabbard wind farm 504)
  11. Today, 100 different countries use the wind power for generating electricity.
  12. Wind power is an economic income for countries using the wind power.
  13. Wind power theory was discovered by German Albert Betz in 1919.
  14. Some countries use the wind power to supply for their electricity needs.
  15. Germany is most famous wind power user in the world. Because Germany product electricity more than all countries generate electricity.
  16. As a general, length of a wind turbine is approximately 200 meters.
  17. Small wind turbines is used for charging batteries.

Disadvantages of Wind Power


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