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What is Tidal Energy? Cons & Pros of the Renewable Energy

What is Tidal Energy?


there is a ocean wave in the sea. aim of the wave is to generate tidal energy.

What is tidal energy? Tidal energy is fundamentally the ripple movement of the sea with its gravitational force. Tidal occurs as a result of interactions between the moon, the sun and the gravitational forces of the world.

The sea fluctuations reach a very high level with the tidal. Afterwards, the renewable energy source occurs with the fluctuation waves. Generating electricity is possible with tidal energy. Power of the tidal energy is occurred by %68 moon and %32 sun.

The tidal movement occurs when the water rises two times a day and descends two times. Generally, the energy type does ascent and descent movement in 12-hour or 24-hour periods.


Tidal energy advantages and disadvantages

We know tidal is a clear renewable energy type. If you want, let’s see the tidal energy advantages and disadvantage;

Tidal energy advantages

  • Tidal energy is among renewable energy sources. It’s mean the energy type can always replenish itself in nature.
  • In use of the wave energy, it doesn’t release any harmful waste or gas.
  • The potential energy of the tidal is enormous.
  • If the scientific works continue on the energy, the energy problems can decrease.


Tidal energy disadvantages

  • There are not many methods for generating electricity with tidal power because the using area of renewable energy is limited.
  • The wave energy factory costs are high. Therefore, it is costly.

Tidal energy facilities in the world


1) The first tidal power central is The Rance Tidal Power Central in France. It has started to operate in 1966. Its power is 240 MW.

2) The Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant was founded in 2011 and is a renewable energy facility in South Korea. Its power is 254 MW.

3) North America’s first tidal power central is the Annapolis Royal Generating Station. It was established in 1984 in the Gulf of Fundy. The power plant has 20 MW power.

4) Jiangxia Tidal Power Central was established in China in 1985 with 3.2 MW power.

5) During the period of the former Soviet Union, the tidal power plant, which was created at 0.4 MW, was developed in 2006 and increased to 1.2 MW.

6) Jindo Uldolmok Tidal Power Central has started its operations in South Korea. Firstly, its MW capacity was 1. However, now MV capacity of the Jindo Uldolmak Tidal Power Central is 90.

7) The tidal dam planned by Daewoo in South Korea to Gangwa Island is designed to be 812 MW.

8) 1.320 MW of tidal barrier in South Korea is scheduled to be launched in 2017.

9) The 10 MW tidal plant in Scotland cost 40 million pounds and has the potential to energize about 5,000 homes.

10) Engineers have planned to build the first commercial tidal power plant in South Asia in Gujarat, India. The company, which will be produced by Atlantis Resources, will have an installed capacity of 50 MW and will start construction in early 2012.



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