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What is Thermal Energy? Types of Thermal Energy


Thermal energy in a sentence refers to the energy responsible for the temperature contained in a system. In other saying, thermal energy is an energy type appearing with mixture of the atomic nucleuses. Let’s see types of thermal energy.

Types of Thermal Energy


there is a geothermal energy including geyser

Chemical Energy

Chemical energy appear as a result of it chemical reaction to molecules of another substance with one substance molecules. In the daily life, chemical energy transform the battery and accumulator to electric energy. Also, chemical energy is transformed to mechanic, heat energy.

Electrical Energy

Electric energy is a kind of energy that occurs when electrons move. In another saying, electrical energy is produced from many different energy sources.

Mechanical Forces

In a sentence, mechanical energy is the sum of the potential and kinetic energies that can be changed according to the movement and location of an object or mechanical system.

Geothermal energy

What is geothermal energy? Basically, geothermal energy is a heat energy which is stored in underground magma with high temperature and pressure.

Solar Energy

Do you know what solar energy is? Solar energy is an energy source obtained from Sun. Thanks to heat and light come from the Sun, the energy transform to electric energy. Therefore, we can say the electric energy is solar energy.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is the movement energy of the air stream that forms the wind. A part of the energy can be transformed to mechanic or electrical energy. Windmill given as a example.


Thermal Energy Examples


There are some thermal energy examples;

  • In room heaters
  • Cooking our foods in oven and stove
  • Drying our cloths in sun
  • A home is heated
  • Water is heated for a shower
  • Sun feels good on our shoulders
  • Shirts can be ironed
  • Toast is toasted
  • A cake is baked


Thermal Energy Equation

As a equation;

Q is the thermal energy

m is the mass of the given substance

c is the specific heat and ΔT is the temperature difference.


Transfer of Thermal Energy


What is transfer of the renewable energy?  heat transfer is a movement of heat from a place with a higher temperature to a place with a lower temperature. There are three types of heat transfer;

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

Here is an example about heat conduction.

One: ringing from a metal spoon that was sitting in a bowl of hot soup. the  soap loses some of its heat by transferring it to the spoon which in turn gains temperature. A conducts heat to the boy’s finger burning it. However, the boy easily solves the problem by switching his metal spoon into a spoon made out of wood.




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