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Future of Solar Power

The Future of Solar Power



there is a solar power and sunshine.

If we could use the sun’s all energy that comes the earth’s surface, we would deliver the annual energy needs of the world. How can we make solar energy more accessible to everyone, and everywhere? The future of solar power is undoubtedly bright. Sun’s energy is so powerful that it can provide more energy in just one hour than the ENTIRE human civilization uses in a year. And the sun has a virtually unlimited supply, lasting for so long, about BILLIONS of years.  The sun is going to be a major part of how we power modern life in the future.

By the way, do you know how does work solar power? Solar power, also known as solar energy, is the technology that takes sunlight, which is free and available and turns that into electricity. Because of the solar energy and solar energy panels, your house can be self-sufficient. However, the appearance of solar panels is ugly, according to some people. It does not have to be bad-looking. In the future, with the new designs, the solar panels will not look plain in the future. This design also includes sustainability and technology of solar energy. Designers work for extreme efficiency which means developing materials that expand in size or work with solar cells that use the properties of colors to generate electricity.

In the “Solar Revolution” book, the writer states that within one hour we receive enough sunlight to provide the world with enough electricity for an entire year. This is why solar energy is so popular and important. The future of our electricity sustainability depends on how much effort we put on solar energy designs and systems.

there are many solar power.

Today, scientists all over the world have been focusing on making solar panels more efficient and cheaper. Compared to the 1960s, the price of solar has dropped tremendously. In 1960, the price per megawatt hour was 75 pound. In 2018, on the other hand, this price dropped to 18 pounds. The reason for it is because China started producing them on a large scale. Also, the efficiency of solar has increased a lot.

They now have an efficiency of 44.5%. (It was 5% in 1960.) The efficiency of solar energy is increasing day by day, and future of solar energy is now brighter than ever. As for the design and looks of the solar panels, it has the same look compared to 60 years ago. They need to be much better integrated into our environment. Nowadays, climate change is one of the most important problems. And we can’t really rely on the governments and the engineers to make positive changes.

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History of Solar Power 

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             Caution on the is actually Solar Technology

Using Crystal for Efficiency and Aesthetics

Thanks to the crystals that have cut in a certain way, you are able to bend and direct the light onto a certain place. They help to focus the light onto a solar panel which makes it not only more efficient but also aesthetics.


Dye-Sensitized Solar Power Cells

Dye-Sensitized solar cells technology, also known as colored solar cells, are based on photosynthesis in plants. Where the green chlorophyll converts light into sugar for plants, these cells convert light into electricity. What is more, they even work indoors. Also, different colors have different efficiency, depending on their place on the color spectrum. For instance, red is more efficient than blue in terms of gathering solar energy.

Generally, colors use for aesthetics, but with this new technology it has extra function now, it is able to harvest electricity. Some designers have designed a table using these colored solar cells to gather energy from the sun and charge their phones. This technology is using currently in the Netherlands. Besides, the table has sensors that read the light intensity of the room. Through an app, you can even see how much light that table is getting and how full the battery is.

In terms of solar energy, the more surface you have, the more energy you can harvest. The windows with a modern version of stained glass, you can now charge your phone using window ledges. Thanks to the new developments on solar energy, the scientists are now giving extra functions to objects. Using the sun’s energy, a window can also function as a little power station.

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Solar Cells More Accessible to Everyone


Making solar cells more accessible to everyone is an important issue. For example, some areas have so many greenhouses but their glasses on their roofs are standard glasses. Instead of using standard glasses, we can integrate with transparent solar glasses and harvest free energy from the sun. Another idea to make these solar cells more accessible for everyone is that we can build solar power plants. In our modern society, we can build our own greenhouses in our rooftops to grow our plants using solar glasses.

In conclusion, scientists and designers are working to find solutions to increase solar energy’s efficiency and accessibility. Due to the increasing research and funding, solar energy has no choice but to build up. The world’s future is looking bright because of increasing solar energy usage. This is because solar energy does not pollute the earth or release carbon gas. Who knows, someday we might see meeting the energy demand of the world using only renewable and clean energy solutions,


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