Solar Energy

Major Solar Energy Projects

Major Solar Energy Projects


there is a solar power and sunshine.

SolarReserve has established the world’s first 7/24 solar-powered solar power plant in Nevada, USA. Developing solar energy systems globally, SolarReserve developed a project called Crescent Dunes. This crescent dunes solar energy project, implemented in the US state of Tonopah in Nevada, provides eco-friendly and renewable solar energy.

Crescent Dunes has more than 10,000 adjustable mirrors and heliostats *. These have connected to the solar energy centre, which is 165 meters high and warms to 1.050 degrees. In this way, a very high temperature is maintaining, and energy is available even if there is no sun. The world’s first 7/24 solar power system, Crescent Dunes, provides up to 75,000 homes in Silver State without solar.

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Heliostat: A mirror adjustment system for directing and keeping the reflected sun rays in a specific direction.

How is the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project work?


Crescent Dunes uses molten salt as an energy storage platform. For this purpose, the solar tower is filled with salt and heated to 565 degrees. When the salt is heated, it protects its thermal energy for a long time and if necessary it is mixed with water and steam is generated.

there are solar power cells under the dark clouds.

Why the salt?


The reason for choosing salt is to keep the heat longer than water. In this way, the plant is provided to produce energy up to 12 hours after sundown. Salt is a low-cost material that can protect thermal energy and is compatible with high-pressure and high-temperature steam turbines.

The biggest problem of solar power plants is that they can only keep energy during the day. The newly established solar power plant in Southern Nevada has taken a big step in the clean and renewable energy world by storing both day and night energy. The Crescent Dunes Solar Power Plant produces up to 250 miles north of Las Vegas and enough energy to supply up to 75,000 homes.

The plant has 10,000 mirrored panels. There is a 192-meter long central turret with molten salt in the middle. The salt in the tower is heating to about 500 degrees with the sun’s rays. This temperature is then used to convert water into steam and run electricity-generating generators.

The revolutionary feature of the system is that it can produce electricity not only during the day but also at night. The salt temperature in the melted state can endure for a month. Therefore, the system can generate energy at night using the heat.

The Crescent Dunes Solar Power Plant, which worth one billion dollars, took four years to build. Seven hundred thirty-seven million dollars of the amount spent by the state. This amount of fund may seem like a lot, but it would make sense for the state to provide support to a firm that will provide about 1,000 jobs. Plus, it would give about three million dollars a year.


World’s Largest Thermal Solar Plant in South Australia 


The South Australian government approved the project of a tower-type thermal power plant project, which will be the biggest in the world. The South Australian government authorities have approved this 150-megawatt plant, and the project has announced to the public. The project planned to built-in Port Augusta, South Australia, will employ more than 600 construction workers. When the project is complete, it will provide more energy than the energy that will meet the requirements of the state.


Construction will be completed by 2020


The project, which will ensure the effective use of solar energy from renewable energy sources, is planned to start next year and to be completed in 2020. The project, which has a budget of US $ 510 million, is currently the latest in the Australian government’s renewable energy projects.

According to Wasim Saman of the University of South Australia, the most significant point in solar energy production is the ability to supply energy on-demand as a result of saving heat as thermal energy for the operation of power turbines. Providing energy when it is needed is a much more economical way to store energy in our hands than batteries.

The most popular form of electricity production from solar energy is the use of photovoltaic panels that can convert sunlight directly into electricity. In this way, energy production brings about the need for a battery system which is needed to store this energy.

In solar thermal installations, it uses the sunlight controlled by mirrors in a heating system which is more economical method than using regular batteries. Then molten salt is used to boil water, rotate the steam turbine and generate electricity.

Port Augusta, one of the designers of the project, said that even after sunset, the plant could produce energy at full power for 8 hours. This project in South Australia will model itself from another big thermal power plant. The project in South Australia will be organized by a building company that builds a 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes facility in Nevada, USA. In other words, the South Australian solar project will use the Crescent Dunes solar project as a model.


South Australia is the leader in renewable energy.


South Australia is a substantial region in the world in the field of renewable energies. This final project will ensure that 40% of the state’s electricity needs will meet from renewable energy. Also, scientists expect that the cost of residential electricity will reduce as the increase in solar power plants in the country.

The new project is also quite advanced in terms of cost-efficiency. In spite of such developments, there are some disruptions in the country as well. In South Australia last year there was a severe power outage, and the people blamed renewable energy sources.

Authorities in this field, working on this issue in the country, said that solar energy production and storage is a very delicate issue and that as a country, they have much to learn in these areas.



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