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What is hydropower energy?

Today we descripted what is hydropower and hydropower energy. Simply, Hydropower or hydroelectricity refers to the conversion of potential energy from flowing water into electricity.

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there are hydroelectric power central

How hydropower energy work?

First, the dam is built in a suitable place for hydropower energy. At the bottom of this dam, there is a device that extends the turbine and the shaft to which it is connected to the generator. As a result, the conversion is extremely simple

Hydropower which is a renewable energy source is convert to electricity with flows of the water. Besides, Hydroelectric power convert the power of running water into electricity. It also determines the amount of energy in flowing water or flow rate of water. Water flowing in a big river carries a large amount of potential energy. In other saying, when water is dropped from a very high area, a high amount of energy is obtained.

In both ways, the water taken into the ducts or pipes flows into the turbines, allowing the turbines with propellers to rotate to generate electricity. So turbines are connected to generators and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Hydropower which is a renewable energy source is convert to electricity with flows of the water.

Why are the renewable energy centrals used?


  • To obtain electricity energy from renewable water
  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • Construction can be done with local facilities
  • Long service life and lack of fuel costs.


Advantages of the Hydropower energy

There are many advantages of the hydropower energy;

  • Creating employment opportunities,
  • Construction can be done with local facilities,
  • Long service life and lack of fuel costs,
  • Low operational maintenance costs,
  • To obtain energy from renewable water,
  • It is the most important renewable energy source in terms of revitalizing economic and social structure in rural areas.

Disadvantages of the Hydropower Energy


  • Effects of the water

The creation of large water dams interferes with the status of the aquatic fish species. Therefore fish types in the area are affected in negative way.

  • Environmental impacts

Decreasing or increasing water causes some plant species to disappear. However, some animals come from their habitats. Hydroelectric energy not only affects wetlands, but also displaces people residing near the dam. Therefore, many people of the area are forced to move.

  • High establish cost of hydroelectric power plants

The creation of hydroelectric power plants and dams requires a high budget. While hydroelectric energy is a cheap cost, the construction of a dam will cost about $ 20 billion and it takes many years to finish.

  • Consumer impact

Hydroelectric power depends on the presence of water. However, the amount of water supply will be limited when drought arrives. Reduction of water flow will affect the high price of electricity consumption and cause limited use of electricity.

  • Climate impact

The climate of the region they are changing is changing, the climate is getting warmer. A significant amount of moisture is beginning to be seen. This causes changes in plant and animal diversity. The water temperature is changing. Because of the water attitude, the river’s ecosystem is deteriorating.



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