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How to Get a Job in Renewable Energy Industry?

How to get a job in the renewable energy sector?


there are a lot people consulting renewable energy career.

What do you need to know about making a career in the renewable energy industry? Earning a living while saving the planet should not have to be mutually exclusive. On this channel energy files, we aim to inspire budding engineers and technologist for a better and sustainable world.

There is a certain degree of satisfaction one gets when working in the field of renewable energy. It is because you are working to fix the energy problem of the world. Also, it is for making our planet greener in the process.

The exciting bit is anyone with an interest in renewable energy can make a career in the renewable energy sector. The renewable energy industry, as we know all know, has seen exponential growth in the last decade. Besides, an excellent opportunity for renewable energy to develop a career is much more possible.

We will answer the following question in the article;

  • What kind of renewable energy are available?
  • How to get a job in the Renewable Energy Industry?
  • How much salary can I expect?
  • What kind of skills do I need?
  • Can I create my business opportunity in the renewable energy sector?

There are a variety of rules available in the renewable energy sector. Also, they are not limited to technical jobs. For example; you can start your business in renewable energy or provide administrative support.

Renewable energy, as we know, has a vast portfolio in the world. For example; wind, solar, hydro, marine, and biomass can be given. The range of the technical skills required is also diverse. However, fall mainly under mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. Where in mind, renewable energy is not new or entirely different tech.

It is, in fact, the coming together of mechanical, electrical, and electronics technology which deals with renewable energy sources. Even for technical jobs, you don’t have to have a specific degree in renewable energy. The skill you learn in the fields mentioned above of engineering that is mechanical, electrical, and civil is very much applicable.

As a sample; when it comes to designing wind turbines, it is a task that heavily involves the knowledge of mechanical engineering. Indeed, getting the system online requires electrical engineering skills, construction of dams or installation of in turbines required the expertise of civil engineering.

Even if we trace the life of one type of renewable energy production. Let’s say a wind turbine we can identify the different job roles in the various phases of the life-cycle. These phases can be as follows the design and manufacturing supply chain management sales and administration installation and commissioning operation and maintenance. Therefore, you can see that although most phases largely require technical roles;

  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management (Non-technical)
  • Sales & Administration ( Non-technical)
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance

One new team to note here is that compared to non-renewable sources like coal, gas fire, or nuclear power plant. The number of jobs created in the renewable energy sector per megawatts of installation is more a report by NREL

0.4 and 1.4 jobs per MW during the construction phase

0.06 to 0.2 jobs per MW for operation

Some of the technical positions in the renewable energy industry


  • Design engineer
  • Development engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Installation engineer
  • Commissioning engineer
  • Maintenance engineer

These jobs exist for almost any portfolio of renewable energy technology, namely, wind hydro marine and solar. With a degree in mechanical engineering, etc., these roles if you have already worked in the power sector, many of the skills are transferable.

For example; wind turbines and even solar farms are looking to move offshore. Therefore, people with experience in developing offshore rigs are needed to create floating platforms for wind turbines, also, for making underwater tripod or more pod pile.


How much Salary can be Excepted in Renewable Energy Industry?


We will use the wind turbine industry data. For functional analysis, we have to split the jobs into three categories there. Likewise, tier 1 jobs or positions which require a high amount of skills and experience tier 2 jobs that require a moderate amount of skills. These jobs are occupied mostly by fresh graduates or less. Tier 3 jobs require more hand-on skills against tier 1 and tier 2 jobs.

  1. Tier 1 jobs: $45.000
  2. Tier 2 jobs: $30.000 – $45.000
  3. Tier 3 jobs: $16.000 – $30.000

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