Solar Energy

 How does Solar Power Work? 

What is Solar Power?  How do Solar Power Work?


Solar power is a system producing heat or electric energy taking advantage of the sun’s rays. One of the things people are most interested in about solar panels is how the panels work. In fact, solar power systems is worked in an easy way to generate energy from the sun ray. Also, dark surfaces in the solar powers absorb solar energy.

The surfaces avoid the reflections of the sun rays and keep the rays. Therefore, the sun rays become the source of heat obtained by solar panels. The heat obtained is transferred to the water in your tank by the solar panels and it heats the water.

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You can use the heated water at any time, not instant. Besides, you can connect your solar panels in series or parallel according to the power you want. Solar power factories use the silicon cells for the production of solar panels. Because, the silicon cells convert the sun rays to energy directly.

Solar power works in this way; when solar light falls on solar panels operating according to the photo-voltaic principle, direct current is generated at the panel ends. The panels with the highest efficiency are Mono-crystalline.

You can also look at the how do solar panels work?


We classified the solar energy panels as how water and electrical systems. If we look at how the solar energy panels works:

Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems providers created the hot water sysmtes for obtaining hot water. Because the systems provide increasing sun’s rays affect and provide hot water production. Besides, in hot water systems, the solar collectors are placed in places like the roofs of houses and workplaces, which directly see the sun. Therefore, collectors are responsible for heating the water by increasing the current warming effect of the sun.

The water contained in the collectors heat up with the sunray coming from the sun. Thanks to, the water is heated quickly.  However, you can’t use the heated water. You need to wait for the whole water to be storage. Therefore, solar power providers use special storage to keep the temperature constant during storage. Thus, the collectors keep the water for a long time.

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Electrical Generating Systems

We say that Photovoltaic systems (PV) generate electric taking advantage of the sun. Systems generating electric radiate little particle called as foton. Thanks to, the accumulated energies is converted to electric with the help of the solar panels. Solar panels have some semiconductors to move electrons on the conductor wires in order to generate electric.

When light fall on the substances, the energy in the light provide the movement of electrons. In the way, the electrical generating systems create the electrical movement.

The solar energy panels use to provide electricity in places where electricity networks cannot reach. Also, it allow to obtain electricity energy free of charge. At the same time, people & corporate firms prefer the electrical generating systems not to harm the environment.


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