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What is Geothermal Energy? – Renewable Energy Journal

What is Geothermal Energy?


there is a hydropower plant

Geothermal energy is an energy type obtained from the steam by artificial ways and the depths of the earth. Basically, geothermal energy definition is a power generated from the internal temperature of the world.

Word of the geothermal means ‘’geo = earth and thermal = heat.Therefore, geothermal means the earth’s heat energy.

Use Area of the Geothermal Energy

There are many use area of the geothermal energy. Besides, the energy also provides many possibilities.

  • Waters and Mineral Waters Minerals
  • The energy is used in hot springs, hot water plants and greenhouses.
  • It is used as heat insulation in buildings or in many workplaces.
  • It is used in aquaculture.
  • Used as process heat system.
  • In addition, it provides use as energy production.

What is Thermal Energy? – Renewable Energy Journal

How is Geothermal Energy Generate?


Have you ever wonder how does geothermal energy work? Geothermal energy to generate geothermal electricity from geothermal sources, tribunes drill at a depth of 1.6 kilometers or more. Basically, the renewable energy creates kinaesthetic energy by extracting hot water resources from the underground. Afterward, the water vapor activates is created by panels. Therefore, the energy is  generated by the generation of the kinaesthetic energy into electrical energy.


Advantages of the Geothermal Energy

As geothermal energy pros, we can say;

  • The yield of the clear renewable energy is high and can be obtained directly. Therefore, the cost is quite low. If it is correctly renewable, then it provides strong power supply.
  • Energy cost of the geothermal is lower than hydroelectric energy. By the way, hydroelectric energy has lowest energy generating cost.
  • The energy type doesn’t harm the environment in any way.
  • Thanks to geothermal energy, usage of the fossil fuels is minimized.
  • There is a risk of explosion in natural gas but there is no risk in geothermal energy.
  • The energy generating areas produce only one-sixth of the carbon dioxide produced by a clean natural gas-fired power plant.

Disadvantages of the Geothermal Energy

There are also a lot of geothermal energy cons;

  • Deteriorating of the water quality.
  • Releasing of hydrogen sulfide that a gas smells of rotten eggs at low concentrations.
  • The removal of some geothermal fluids which may contain low-level toxic materials.
  • Causing heart and lung diseases.
  • Causing the acid rains

The Renewable Geothermal Examples

  • United State: Since 1890, geo energy has been using in Idaho, Boise
  • Iceland: Since 1890 in Reykjavi

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