Geothermal Energy

4 Popular Use Areas of the Geothermal Energy

4 Popular Use Areas of the Geothermal Energy


Geothermal energy is the heat obtained from the under of the earth. This heat is one of the first energy sources used since ancient times. At that time, people used this energy to heat their homes, bathing and make food. Today, this eco-friendly energy still serves these purposes, and the area of usage has increased.

The usage areas of geothermal resources which we use for cooking healthy and food until the beginning of the 20th century have become very widespread and diversified due to developing technology. These include electricity generation, heating and various uses in the industry.

We generate electricity from the geothermal fluid with a hopper temperature of 200 ° C and more. However, according to the new technologies that are developing day by day, electricity can also be produced from the low chamber outlet fluid up to 150 ° C.


What is Thermal Energy?

Advantages of Geothermal Energy


Geothermal Energy In Today’s World


We use geothermal energy in many ways in our lives. Some usage of geothermal energy includes earth’s temperatures near the surface, and other systems require drilling miles in the land. Also, the United States is the leader in generating electricity using geothermal energy.

To be able to generate geothermal electricity, the water or steam has to be higher than 300° F to 700° F (149° C to 371° C ). Because of the geological characteristics of the North America continent, they make use of geothermal energy most.

Electricity generation from geothermal energy, which has reached installed capacity of 14,369 MW (with October 2018 data) is increasing day by day. Various systems are available for converting steam and liquid pressure systems into electrical energy.

Hot water springs are also geothermal energy. Since ancient Rome, people believed that warm water springs have healing power. Antic Roman baths have a system that makes use of hot water or steam. Today, many people benefit from geothermal energy to improve their health.

there is a hot geothermal energy river.

Geothermal Electricity


Hot water and steam obtained from geothermal energy are transmitted to the power plant with pipes to produce electricity. There are three types of geothermal power plants.

Dry steam plants: Hot steam is transferred directly from the plant. The steam turns turbines that generate electricity.

Flash steam plants: High-pressure water is pumped into the generator and freed from reservoir pressure. The pressure drop causes water to turn into steam quickly. The exposed steam turns turbines that generate electricity.

Binary Cycle Plants: Moderate-temperature geothermal water is passed through a heat exchanger to heat a liquid that boils at a lower temperature than water in a separate pipe. The heated fluid is then evaporated and passed over a turbine to generate electricity.


Geothermal Energy Industry


We can use geothermal energy in many different fields in industry is widely used in dehydration or drying of vegetables and fruits.

It is also used for heating greenhouses and contributes to the production of non-seasonal vegetables and fruits. We also use geothermal energy to heat our homes. The following list shows the usage of geothermal energy according to its temperature.


Geothermal Energy Usage Areas

(According to the temperature of liquid or steam)


180 ° C – Evaporation of High-Concentrated Solution, Cooling with Ammonium Absorption

170 ° C – Hydrogen sulfide through the more massive, diatomite drying

160 ° C – Lumber drying, fish, etc. drying of food

150 ° C – Bayer’s way of aluminium production

140 ° C – Quick drying of farm products (in canning)

130 ° C – Sugar industry, salt production

120° C – Supply of freshwater and salinity increase

110 ° C – Cement drying

100° C – Organic substance drying (algae, meat, vegetables, etc.), wool washing

90 ° C – Fish drying

80 ° C – Home and greenhouse heating

70 ° C – Cooling

60 ° C – Poultry and barn heating

50 ° C – Mushroom cultivation, Balneological baths (Spa Treatment)

40 ° C – Soil heating, urban heating (Lower limit) health facilities

30 ° C – Swimming pools, fermentation, distillation, health facilities

20 ° C – Fish farms

As you can see, geothermal energy has a lot of usage areas. What is more, it is free, clean and renewable energy. The prevalence of geothermal energy will increase day by day. It is a developing industry which means investing in geothermal energy is not a bad idea at all.


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