Hydroelectric Energy

All Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydropower Energy

Hydropower Energy has many Advantages and Disadvantages


In a sentence, hydropower energy is a renewable energy type produced by moving water. In old hydropower technology, it was necessary turbines turn so that the wheat cloud flour. Therefore the flow of water was essential. With the evolution of technology, people use the watermill for hydroelectric energy. Its mean hydropower plants (HES) convert the power of the running water to electricity.

Flow or decline rate of the energy determines the energy in running water. Running water has massive kinetic energy. For example; water flowing in a large river carries a large amount of energy.


Advantages of the hydroelectric energy


Hydroelectric is a Renewable Energy Source


The Hydropower operates with water that recycled to the ground during the water cycle process. Due to environmental and weather conditions, it is clear that humankind has depleted water gradually. Besides, countries with an enormous source of water make hydroelectric energy a reliable source of energy. For example, China has the highest energy source through its hydroelectric power plant.

Green and Clean Energy

Unlike fossil fuel, nuclear and biomass energy sources, there are no waste materials in hydroelectric energy. Emissions and radiation aren’t harmful to the environment and people. Therefore, the renewable energy source is clean.

Hydroelectric Energy is a Reliable Energy Source

Hydroelectric energy is a reliable source of energy. China, India, Colombia, America and Canada have been the most significant energy source in many countries. Hydropower plant has costly. Therefore, only developed countries use hydropower energy. Moreover, the construction of dams is long-lived so that it will be a reliable source of hydroelectric power.

Flexible and Energy Saving

Corporate companies and firms can easily control to energy. Therefore, if the required energy is less, the water flow in the dam is also reduced. Also, when the required energy is tremendous, the water flow is maximized. Thus, we can make more energy-saving for future use.

Cheap Production Cost

Humankind uses dams for long-term energy production. Therefore, the energy supply is also long-lasting.

Disadvantages of the Hydroelectric Energy

The many varieties of plants and animals in the hydroelectric area, are damaged or destroyed. Due to hydropower plants, agricultural fields, forest areas, historical and cultural assets in this region are being flooded. Everything, including soil structure, vegetation, animal presence and bacterial system, is disturbed.

Effects on life in the water

Establish of the massive dam reservoirs or water dams interferes with the status of the aquatic fish species. Also, the river affects the fish by the discharge of water from the barrage. Therefore, barrages affect fish habitats. Besides, the wild flood destroys the natural habitat of the fish, prevents the passage of the river. Also, it leads to a decrease in the number of migratory fish species and even extinction.

Environmental impact

The water flowing from the dam creates a flood that affects the living or living organisms on the rivers. Decreasing or increasing pool causes some plant species to disappear. However, some animals come from their habitats. Hydroelectric energy not only affects wetlands but also displaces people residing near the dam. Many people are forced to move.

 The high cost of hydroelectric power plants

The creation of hydroelectric power plants and dams requires a high budget. While hydroelectric energy is a cheap cost, the construction of a dam will cost about $ 20 billion, and it takes many years to finish.

 Consumer impact

Hydroelectric power depends on the presence of water, but the amount of water supply will be limited when drought arrives. Also, the reduction in water flow will affect the high price of electricity consumption. Therefore it causes limited use of electricity.

 Climate impact

The climate of the region they are changing is changing; the weather is getting warmer. A significant amount of moisture is beginning to be seen. This moisture causes changes in plant and animal diversity. The water temperature is changing. Because of the water attitude, the river’s ecosystem is deteriorating.


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