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18 Advantages of Solar Power – Why You Should Choose Solar Energy?

18 Advantages of Solar Power – Why You Should Choose Solar Energy?

There are so many advantages of solar power or energy. There are also a few disadvantages of solar energy; however, the benefits of solar power are much more than its problems. If you’re interested in building or starting a Solar Energy, we tried to compile them on one solar energy article for you.

1 – Solar Energy is a renewable energy source

Solar energy comes from the sun’s light (radiation). Because of that, we can use the sun’s energy almost forever. It will die out within 5 billion years, according to scientists.

2 – Solar energy can be used to generate electricity

Solar energy is also used in relatively simple technology to heat water (solar water heaters). Most common usage of solar energy is heating water. Generating electricity using the sun’s radiation is also a popular and efficient way of using it. You need a Solar panel, an inverter, a switchboard, an electricity meter, and lastly electricity mains grid.

3 – Steady Source of Energy

Solar energy, i.e. energy from the sun, provides a consistent and steady source of solar power throughout the year. Of course, bright days give you more energy than cloudy ones. But it does not mean that you can’t produce solar power in unpleasant weather.

4 – Solar power helps to slow/stop global warming.

Instead of burning coals for energy, getting energy from the sun protects the climate change and slow global warming. Carbon release through the atmosphere is the primal reason why the climate is changing. If we use renewable energy sources for producing energy, we can slow/stop the global warming process.

Solar power is very popular renewable energy source with wind energy

5 – After installing the solar energy system, there are no extra fees.

Once a solar panel is installed, solar energy can be produced free of charge. Initially, you install the solar energy system, and the system will do energy-producing by itself. Also, the maintenance of the solar energy system is very cheap and sustainable. You can even execute the maintenance by yourself.

6 – Solar power is cheap

Solar power is less expensive than conventional electricity. World Economic Forum (WEF) has declared that installing new solar energy systems is inexpensive than investing in coal, natural gas, nuclear or other fossil fuel options.

7 -Solar energy is appropriate for the latest energy networks

Solar energy is especially suitable for smart energy networks with distributed power generation – DPG is indeed the next-generation power network structure. If your energy network is intelligent, then your obvious choice for producing energy should be solar.

8 – Solar power requires little maintenance.

Solar panels also require little maintenance and the maintenance of it doesn’t need to be done by individual services. With a bit of research, almost everyone can carry out solar panel maintenance.

9 – Easy Installation

Solar energy systems installation is simple compared to conventional energy systems. First, assemble the place for panels, i.e. roof or garden. Then, place the solar panels. Next, connect solar panels. After that, Connect the solar panel circuit to the inverter. Finally, Plug the system into the wall.

10 – Can Be Used in Remote Locations.

Placing the solar panels in faraway places is also an option. Because you might not have the appropriate place for it nearby. Thanks to the remote control, you can still produce energy from the sun and contribute your energy usage.

11 – Solar power provides energy security.

Thanks to solar energy, you can save energy on the batteries, and you can use it whenever you want. Also, it can save you from the power blackouts. It is a kind of energy insurance for you.

12 – Solar energy causes no pollution.

The sun supplies a tremendous resource for producing clean and sustainable electricity without pollution or carbon release, which is the leading cause of global warming.

The potential environmental impacts associated with solar power can vary greatly depending on the technology. These impacts include two broad categories: photovoltaic (PV) solar cells or concentrating solar thermal energy plants (CSP).

13 – Solar cells make absolutely no noise at all.

Unlike any other renewable energy sources, wind power, for example, solar energy production is also advantageous because it generates no sound. Nowadays, noise pollution is a big problem related to the environment.

14 – Solar Power Keeps Our Climate Livable.

Solar PV is the greenest option because it causes minimal pollution, including air, water, noise, soil, and many more. Moreover, it helps to reduce the global warming effect because solar energy systems don’t release carbon to the atmosphere.

15 – Super Water Efficient

In general, all solar power technologies use a little amount of water (approximately 20 gallons per megawatt-hour) for cleaning solar panels. This amount is significantly lower than the other conventional energy sources.

16 – it can support you during the times when your energy demand is high

Because solar energy coincides with energy needs for cooling PV panels can provide an effective solution to energy demand peaks. This solution works primarily in hot summer months, where energy demand is high.

17 – It does not interfere with your lifestyle

Residential solar panels are easy to install on rooftops or the ground without any interference to the suburban lifestyle. And the appearances of solar panels are not distracting.

18 – Solar power creates jobs

There are more than 4.000 jobs available in the United States, according to LinkedIn. Some of these are Solar Energy Technician, Solar Energy PV Designer, Solar Energy Consultant, IT of Solar Technology, Solar Energy-Project Engineer, and Electrical Engineer.





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