Hydrogen Energy

13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen energy advantages and disadvantages


In a sentence, hydrogen energy is a colourless, odourless, flammable and light element. 1 Lt. hydrogen is 90 mg under the atmospheric pressure. It means it is 11 times lighter than the air we breathe. Fundamentally, hydrogen is a proton and an electron. Also, we can’t find the energy type as gas in nature. However, we use the renewable energy source as energy with the separation of compounds. By the way, can renewable energy change and power the world?

Hydrogen energy systems are a new technology although hydrogen production is older than hydrogen energy systems. It is because the planting of a hydrogen central is costly. Therefore, corporate firms and sovereign countries don’t prefer hydrogen energy systems, although it is a great renewable energy type.

Advantages of the Hydrogen Energy

13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydrogen Energy

  • Hydrogen energy is converted into electric power easily.
  • The renewable energy can produce gas by different methods such as water, solar power or its derivatives, wind, wave and biomass.
  • Hydrogen is the ideal fuel for planes, ships and submarines.
  • The energy source is more useful more than wind energy because wind energy isn’t constant.
  • Hydrogen is environmental, renewable energy. Therefore, it is not harmful.
  • Instead of the gasoline that is dangerous when a car accident is, hydrogen type is less risky because it is volatile.
  • We said hydrogen storage is difficult to use in a wide range of uses. However, another essential feature of this energy source is that the energy it carries can easily be converted into electrical energy.
  • Renewable hydrogen energy does not create environmental problems caused by fossil fuels. It is because hydrogen energy does not produce carbon emission, greenhouse effect and air pollution.
  • Hydrogen is also a sufficient fuel. This renewable energy can convert to other types of energy than other fuels.

Disadvantages of the Hydrogen


  • Long-term storage is hard because it can be a leak.
  • Massive explosions can happen when the hydrogen energy combined with oxygen
  • Hydrogen preservation and keeping in closed places is hard for long-term maintenance. Therefore, it is challenging to flow smoothly. Also, hydrogen is highly dangerous because it combines with oxygen in an uncontrolled environment.

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